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Superposition is the basis of quantum physics: the observable existence of any particle is the response to one or more external stimuli. The very state in which a particle exists depends on how it is observed. Starting from the research carried out together with Dr. Marian Zamfirescu (Head of the Center for Advanced Laser Technologies, within the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics – INFLPR) and drd. Vlad Toma (research assistant at INFLPR), this project is inspired by scientific concepts: superposition, entanglement and spin, the uncertainty principle and the anthropic principle or Hilbert spaces.

Affective particles is a cognitive and sensory experiment, which encourages the discovery of quantum effects transposed into the macro world through a performative installation combining contemporary art and science, that gathers modular silver-based holograms, experimental film, performance and music, into one collective work.

Affective Particles is powered by Qolony Association – The Art and Science Colony, a cultural organization from Bucharest (RO), which functions as a generator of links between art, science and technology, through events and projects such as artistic residencies, exhibitions, conferences, artist / scientist talks , research and artistic production. more info:

The National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) and the Center for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL) carry out fundamental and applied research activities in the field of lasers, light interaction with matter, plasma and electron accelerators.
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