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 Theodor Moise (b. 1996) is a graphic designer and an artist. His works were exhibited in various contexts. He edited and illustrated books and magazines in Romania. 

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.





2015-2018 - National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

Bachelor Degree in Graphics 


2011-2015 - Highschool “Stefan Demetrescu”, Bucharest, Romania

Highschool Diploma 


02/2014-05/2014 - Ministry of Education of Romania, Bucharest, Romania

Course: Bases of HTML and CSS


Relevant Experience:

07/2020 -Present, A1 Telekom Austria Group

Position: Graphic Designer & Junior Communication Expert


10/2019 - Young Art Auction, Kunstraum Nestroyhof, Vienna, Austria

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: The YAA is a support initiative for the best young artists, who on the one hand are offered a platform for the presentation of their works, but above all - with 80% of the hammer price - a particularly high share of the sales price achieved. For artists, the YOUNG ART AUCTION is a catalyst, a great way for collectors to discover artists early in their careers, and then to buy exciting, inspiring and challenging works of art.


09/2019 - Supercontemporary Pavilion „Young Blood. The Art of Your Times”, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: Curated by acclaimed Romanian and International experts, the annual Art Safari, held under the patronage of Bucharest City Hall, is one of Eastern Europe’s largest and most exciting arts events. We showcase new and historic Romanian masterpieces and international art to over 125,000 visitors through our Central Pavilion, Museum Pavilion, International Programs, and educational programs. Through the exhibition Young Blood, The Art of Your Times, Mihai Zgondoiu documents this new wave of early-career artists, who no longer restrict themselves to the traditional techniques of creation, but use the multi-media of technology, accessible to everyone today.


09/2019 - Reforma Photo Days2, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Graphic designer and Exhibition Design

Project: REFORMA Photo Days (RPD) is an event that brings together photographers, technology leaders, and creative people to explore the future of photography and the impact on communication, art, and society. 


05/2019 - Geostrategical Love – Razvan Ion, Creart Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Curator and Graphic designer

Project: „Love, as well as geostrategy, is studied as a pseudoscience, some theoreticians will argue. „Geostrategic Love” is research evolved in an exhibition realized in the Desert of Arabia, the Black Sea, and the Arabian Sea. On each shore, we discover a game. Two strategic zones in this global equation with the game in between. The human presence is almost unnoticed. The most important presence. I felt the same thing when I photographed both images: love and abandonment. If we look closer the object of love seems to have a different structure. The real structure. Strategic thinking needs to get back in touch with love. ‘Geostrategic Love’ can be the new theory to study at the academy.“ Razvan Ion


01/2019 - Estopia Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Graphic designer, Branding, Visual Identity, Communication Design

Project: Estopia is a contemporary art gallery with an international exhibition agenda. Starting from the East, they showcase a global contemporary art story, spanning from visual cutting edge projects and creative practices expressed through painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video & new media. Based in Bucharest and Lugano, Estopia will open a third space in Berlin in 2020.


01/2019 - Speculative Mechanisms - Sabina Suru, Creart Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Curator and Graphic designer

Project: “Images tend to live differently than we like to believe. We throw them out into the world and enjoy the idea that they encrypt controlled significations, infused into a cultural smear of invariability. We think that they subside into a knot of emotional tropes, even if we seem to ask them to discreetly circumvent.“ Sabina Suru


09/2018 - Reforma PhotDays1, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Curator, Graphic and Exhibition design

Project: REFORMA Photo Days is an annual event dedicated to all photographers – in their beginning, amateurs, and professionalists – which can show their creativity to be discovered by the public and institutions.


07/2018 - National University of Arts, Department of Graphics, „Identity Politics“, Bucharest, Romania 

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: Group Exhibition: Identity is the sum of all our characteristics, is the way we perceive and express ourselves. The factors and the conditions we inherit at birth, like ethnic bridging, sex, body, have a decisive role in identity of one person. The experients through the people goes modify the way he sees himself and the way he sees the others. This way their decisions are influenced and modified: fiends choice, adopting a certain type of fashion code, social employment, politics based on one’s beliefs…


06/2018 - Art Theorema – „Imago Mundi Highlights“, Trieste, Italy

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: Art Theorema, owned Luciano Benetton, is a continuation of the research and promotion of the artistic talents in Imago Mundi; it integrates the over 150 collections dedicated to the nations and native communities of five continents. Art Theorema traces the kaleidoscopic and colorful portrait of the local artistic expressions that contribute to the formation of a global scenario of contemporary art. In the words of Luciano Benetton, Art Theorema represents “the aspiration of Joseph Beuys to artistically express ‘unity in diversity’ through the movement of ideas and inspirations that cross boundaries, interact and maybe, slowly but without hesitation, change humanity.”


06/2018 - Group exhibition „Rumanische Plakatkunst“, Fantom Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Position: Exihibiting Artist

Project: Group Project: The exhibition "Young Romanian Poster Art" was organized in cooperation with the National University of Arts Bucharest. We present a selection of works by young Romanian graphic artists who have already made a name for themselves as poster artists in Romania.


04/2018 - Waiting Time – Petra Martin, Creart Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Curator and Graphic designer

Project: "Petra Martin brings in discussion waiting as a mechanism of transition, reflection on an unavoidable moment, wanted or not. For Martin, the object is reissued conceptually different and rediscuss waiting as the inability to control the pace as well as the course of events. The world is a waiting room. Micro-waits embedded in its very substance. " Theodor Moise


02/2018 - Solo Show, „Everything in White“, Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: “Everything in White” is a continuous exercise, an endless fight with the idealization of things, of purifying the personal memory. White is the absolute color that reflects light equally upon the whole spectrum creating the feeling of continuous space. The sum of all the colors or their absence generates white. Hence the obsessive painting abusively over everything. Be it photography, drawing, painting or object, in all of them, this idea is reflected.“ Theodor Moise


01/2018-05/2018 - Bucharest International Biennal of Contemporary Art 8, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Assistant Curator, Catalog Graphic Designer. 

Project: Bucharest Biennale promotes awareness and dissemination of the culture, particularly in the fields of the arts, by means of exchanges and cultural cooperation within Europe and beyond and is looking for strategies that would develop mutual understanding and offer insights from different perspectives. Bucharest Biennale is powered by artphoto asc., cultural and non-profit NGO, publisher of PAVILION [journal for politics and culture ].


11/2017-9/2019 - Creart Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Assistant Curator and Graphic Designer

Project: Creart Gallery holds a unique position on the Romanian art scene as the most known gallery belonging to a public institution-Bucharest Municipality through creart. The gallery is dedicated to solo shows by Romanian and international artists, as well as organizing debates and conferences with the exhibiting artists and curators.


10/2017 - Solo Show, „Everything in White“, Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: „For Moise, white color is an imperfect, penetrable purifying imaginary. He exorcises, purifies the ambiance with the representation of its own reality. Being aware that white is only the projection of a new beginning. The impossibility of white becomes absolute. The manner of display reminds one of the “objects turned into space”, where space becomes profoundly present and the object placement creates a state of space.” Răzvan Ion


06/2017 - „About Sufferance, Drawing, and Photography“, House of Culture, Ianca, Braila, Romania

Position: Exhibiting Artist

Project: Solo Show 


Other Work Experiences


2012-2015 - Highschool “Stefan Demetrescu” Volunteer Christian Community Work, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Volunteer Public Speech Organizer, Event and Activities Organizer  Supervisor, and Coordinator, Door-to-door Canvassing. 


Foreign Languages


Bilingual in written Form and Speech: Romanian and English.

French knowledge: adequate.

Learning German B1.


Other Interests:

Music, Volleyball, Biking, Ice-skating, Reading & Writing, Plants, Herbology and Botany. 






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